Pak-US ties should be based on mutual trust: COAS


Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Thursday underlined that Pakistan-US relationship should be based on mutual trust, respect and transparency.
According to ISPR, COAS expressed these views during meeting with General John R. Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force at GHQ on Thursday.
This meeting was another in a series of opportunities for the commanders to continue building upon the growing operational cooperation between the Afghanistan National Security Force, the Pakistan military and ISAF.
All three parties have many shared interests including their respective commitments to expand opportunities for coordinated action against terrorists on respective sides of the border who threaten Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the region and support Afghanistan’s security, stability, and efforts towards reconciliation.
They also share a responsibility for protecting the brave Afghan and Pakistani soldiers working in the border region.
The future security and stability of the region rests on the strength of the partnership these discussions are forging. The talks also recognized the importance of future opportunities for key ANSF, Pakistani military and ISAF senior leaders to meet and explore means to expand the partnership. He said current meeting has helped towards improving strategic and operational understanding between Pakistan military and NATO forces.
General John R. Allen during the meeting said that “I look forward to these visits and am pleased with the upward spiral in our relationship they represent. We are making significant progress toward building a partnership that is enduring, strategic, carefully defined, and that enhances the security and prosperity of the region.


  1. No only mutual trust but also mutual respect. I have worked in England for 22 years and my colleague David has also expressed his unhappiness on how US has treated Pakistan. Common man sees it US admin must also.

    • A British complaining about how another country treats Pakistan lol,WOW,does he even know the history where the British have not only ruled over half the world but they also treated them like poo.Right now,today,the stats show how the Brits hate the Pakistanis and Indians,go look it up.I'm not saying all Brits feel that way.

      • If the britts hated pakistanis or indians, they wouldnt have welcomed hundreds of thousand of immigrants! They hate us as much as we hate them!

  2. Not only mutual trust but also mutual respect.

    I have worked in England for 22 years and my colleague David has also expressed his unhappiness on how US has treated Pakistan.

    Common man sees it US admin must also.

  3. Giving orders to stop the Drone attacks is not direct responsibility of either the ARMY or the AIR Chief.

    The Prime Minster has to give orders to shoot the Drones down. The Chiefs have to respond to the orders.

    Previous Air Chief has already said that Pakistan has the capability to shoot down drones. Iran has grounded a state of the art US Drone by reverse engineering. Instead of playing the double game the current political government should own up to them and work with US to achieve certain clearly defined objectives, if they have any.

    Drone attacks have tacit approval of the politician’s both in the Government and in the Opposition with one exception which is Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

    Drone attacks do not solve the problem of militancy on the contrary they increase.
    Pakistani brand militancy will reduce by investment in improving the quality of life of the people of Pakistan, namely education, health and improving policing of the country.

    • so if tomorrow American bombers come into Pakistan airspace and start bombing the PAF will wait for orders. The duty of the PAF is to intercept all intruders. This is just an excuse by the Generals.

      • Thats idiotic to compare drone attacks to a bomber in Pakistan air space,you obviously don't know much about international laws or laws of engagement.It all does has to come from the PM Ali is right,or in our case the President since the PM is merely a puppet doing the chicken dance for Zardari.I can also tell you that if there is a bomber in Pakistan air space,Pakistan air force will not hesitate.

        • In USA and Canada any UFO is intercepted before It enters the airspace, this is why radars and planes are patrolling. Drones are also bombing our country so why is the permission needed. What happened in sallala when our brave jawans are being kiiled for 2 hours. where were the radars and the PAF then…did they need permission also to protect our jawans.

        • A drone is a bomber, as it is not showering flowers but hellfire missiles. It is against international law and even lots of western govt. are warning USA of this action.

    • where was the PAF when sallala check post was bombed for 2 hours..why were the radars this how you protect the country. these are just excuses..these generals cannot fight…this is Army INC…

  4. When you have a dishonest Parliament then Ali is right and this is the case here. Two Pakistani citizens were murdered in broad day light by a foreigner(US citizen) and the criminal was escorted away.Bombers are no bombers first you need self esteem and then demand and extract respect.The HELL WITH INTERNATIONAL LAW.

  5. Kiyani has lot to answer for..he was DG ISI under whose watch NRO was crafted. Then drone attacks, May2, Salllala and situation in Balochistan…everything pointing towards disaster.

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