Citizens demand action against quacks


A large number of quacks have set up their clinics in streets of the city while the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye toward the matter.
Muhammad Shahid, a resident of Pandora, said that used syringes and non-registered medicines were being used by these health practitioners, which could transmit serious diseases. Attaullah Tareen, another resident, said that apart from rural areas, quacks and non-registered medical stores are functional in the jurisdictions of Pirwadhai, Sadiqabad, Waris Khan, Westridge police stations and other parts of the city.
The citizens complained that despite tall claims of the authorities concerned, no action has been taken against some influential practitioners due to the slackness of the health department. The citizens condemned the city government for its failure to take action against those who are playing with the lives of poor people and demanded stern action against them.