Yet another energy conference


The president has yet again taken note of loadshedding, and yet again called another energy conference. This vicious cycle will continue until the structural problems of the current system are not solved. One long-term solution could be induction of hydel power into the system. At the time when the IPPs were inducted, it was foolishly thought that oil prices would remain static and no long term hydel project was initiated. Even now all will not be lost if construction is started of the only dam that can be commissioned in less than five years to overcome shortages of power and water and to revive the economy of Pakistan. Bhasha dam will be too little too late, at best a replacement for Mangla and Tarbela dams which will have lost considerable capacity for storage and generation by then.


  1. Sindh needs Kalabagh dam more than Punjab which has ample underground water, under the Water Accord of 1991 Sindh has been assured of a higher share in all future dams, equal share for Punjab and Sindh despite the vast difference in population and in the area under cultivation – 70:20, Sindh will get all the benefits of power and water without losing even one acre of land or the displacement of even one person, it is difficult to understand why Sindh is bent upon denying itself these benefits, with IRSA supervising river water distribution the fear is unfounded that Punjab will steal Sindh's share from Kalabagh dam, the left bank canal bank at Kalabagh dam will be under the jurisdiction of the engineers from the Sindh irrigation department, the political leaders who have turned the people of Sindh against Kalabagh dam have a lot to answer, they have created a situation where there has been no addition to the supply side for 38 years since Tarbela dam was commissioned

  2. After turning one third part of Sindh into desert, people like you are not still happy and they are giving explanation to turn whole of Sindh into desert.

    When it was agreed to release limited water Kotri downstream 22 years ago to push sea water back as has been recognized practice through out world and also to meet needs of 2.6 million people , why you people are opposing for release of water downstream Kotri. The socalled well wisher of Sindh, how many times you have written letters pressing to release water downstream Kotri as per Accord.

    In your opinion, it is sufficient that corrupt and notorious WAPDA had done one unilateral defected survey downstream Kotri without even implementing it.

    Your efforts to weaken Pakistan are highly regretful as you are not ready to accept resolutions of three out of four provinces (passed 10 resolutions) against construction of Kalabagh dam in Punjab.

    Plz stop socalled sympathy with Sindh, you are giving impression, Sindhis are enemies of their own province and people like you are only well wishers of Sindh. Very sad.

    Please learn some lesson from independence of East Pakistan where 56 percent of population got independence from West Pakistan (44 per cent).

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