Power protests continue in Punjab, KP


Protests against power outages continued in several areas of Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkawa.
According to a local TV channel, the angry protesters burned tyres, chanted slogans and blocked major roads in different cities of both provinces.
In Lahore and other cities of Punjab, acute shortages of water and blackouts forced people to the roads. Angry protesters voiced slogans against authorities and blocked roads which affected the traffic.
Protests were staged in Lahore, Gujranwala, Khushab and Nurpur Thal.
Thousands of demonstrators took to the Circular Road in Peshawar gathered from different suburbs of the city and torched tyres and blocked the road against more than 20 hours of load shedding and water shortage resulting from it.
A large demonstration was also held in Kohat.


  1. The protesters should go after their elected members MPA and MNA who had promised them the Moon and have even taken away eletricity .

  2. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has claimed that load shedding has caused his province a loss of Rs 500 billion that has rendered hundreds of thousands of people jobless and made fields barren. I would like to ask him why he has not established any power policy to attract local and foreign investment and set up plants when the 18th Amendment allows provinces to generate electricity on their own. Two years ago, he signed an agreement with a Chinese company to build a 140 MW hydropower plant at Taunsa Barrage. However, people of Pakistan like me have yet to see progress on the project. There were also a number of hydropower projects allotted to private companies to build power plants on canals and rivers in Punjab. Why have these projects not been built during the last four years? It seems that the PML-N government in Punjab has been spending billions of rupees on Sasti Roti, Ashiana Housing and laptop distribution schemes to win political popularity but it is ignoring the actual problems being faced by the people. Perhaps the PML-N has deliberately not taken any steps to solve the energy shortage problem to damage the credibility of the PPP-led coalition government at the Centre. The federal government, on the other hand, is using a political gimmick to cover its own inability of finding a potent solution for the energy shortage problem in the country by assigning provinces the ability to generate their own power.

  3. Why government is collecting Tax on electricity if it can't provide smooth uninterrupted services

  4. There was power outage in India effecting 300 million people, still they did not behave like junglees.

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