Plan finalised to respond to floods crisis


The government, aid agencies and local partners have collectively developed preparedness plans to respond to flood crisis.
According to aid agencies, limited stocks to respond to large scale flooding was a problem and they had asked the government for immediate assistance in this regard. The main purpose is to save as many lives as possible in case of a catastrophe.
They said that investment was important to ensure long term rehabilitation programmes for people to help Pakistan build strong communities.
The agencies added that ample relief supplies were available for immediate response but more funds were required to reach far flung areas. Aine Fay, chair woman of the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum and country director for Concern Worldwide, said that the possibility of large scale flooding in the monsoon season could not be ruled out. She said that the international community should be prepared to aide Pakistan if there is a call for assistance.
The humanitarian community would support the government’s effort in developing and implementing a flood preparedness plan at both federal and provincial levels this year. Saving lives and livelihoods must be at the heart of all preparedness plans.