Butt returns to haunt Pakistan cricket yet again?


The Pakistan cricket early last year saw a light of hope with the change of command at the helm when Chaudhary Mohammad Zaka Ashraf took charge of the Pakistan Cricket Board. With that change things started to get into its proper shape, which was most intently an end to an old and faggot way of running cricket in the country.
It was under an old guard like Ijaz Butt, the Pakistan cricket portrayed a gloomy look of rusty and dull mindedness. But for the last one year and so, since Zaka Ashraf took over positive vibes started to come from across the cricket world about Pakistan. Even though there has been no return of international cricket to Pakistan that is due to the reasons beyond control. But the most important thing that had happened in Zaka Ashraf’s tenure is the melting of ice between the two major rival countries – Pakistan and India – who have returned to the talking table. Realising the importance of Pakistan and India cricket, the BCCI and particularly the New Delhi government allowed the revival of series and the two rival foes would be meeting this coming December in a three-match ODI series and two T20 games.
But there are some who are grinding their own axe to stay in the limelight even though when they were given a chance they failed badly and rather faltered on several occasions. It was under his term the Champions Trophy was shifted from Pakistan and then the World Cup matches were also given to the co-hosts. Not forgetting the time the major damage to Pakistan cricket was done on March 3, 2009 when a friendly country’s cricketers came under attack. It was the incident that changed the whole scenario of Pakistan sports. And it all happened under the chairmanship of none other that Ijaz Butt who in his own self believes that he did the job as a PCB chairman with honesty and tried his best to revive international cricket in Pakistan, particularly the series against India.
In fact his tenure is regarded as black days for Pakistan cricket. But Mr Butt has again returned to haunt Pakistan cricket with his ambiguous statements. One is not clear about the motives he carries but an initial observation suggests that he wants limelight at the cost of Pakistan-India cricket ties. Mr Butt wants India to pay for the cancelled series of his tenure. Is he feeling jealous of the marvelous job of Zaka Ashraf of putting the two countries’ cricket on the path of revival with his hectic efforts.
He should realize the delicacy of the situation under which the series is gong to be played. It would be the first bilateral series between the two countries in five years.
A spokesman of the PCB has made it clear that Pakistan would not be discussing sharing of revenue generation for the series as its only interest was to see bilateral cricket ties revived. But Mr Butt is insisting to gain what he has failed to achieve.
He should also realize the spot-fixing scandal that too goes under his belt which damaged Pakistan cricket more as much his term. Has he not been related to the defence minister Ahmad Mukhtar, the Pakistan cricket would not have suffered that much. Ijaz’s presence in the board gave signals around the globe that the country’s richest sporting organisation was without imaginative solutions, and without any understanding of what today’s professional sports administration requires.
Critics and many former Test players have expressed their shock over Ijaz’s recent ill-timed statements. “Zaka is doing a wonderful job for Pakistan cricket. Ijaz should keep his mouth shut. And he should not try to spoil the cricketing relations between the two countries,” they said.


  1. ijaz patt should not be allowed to make any comment on india pakistan series this man has only bought shame on pakistan he is a corrupt man a disgrace traitor

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