Au revoir!


The all Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Association has expressed its dismay over government’s move to phase out CNG sector form Pakistan. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Pakistan CNG Association Central Chairman Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said the investment of billions, network, planning, effort of years and infrastructure was on stake of few persons benefit. He warned the load on health budget, foreign reserves, import bill will be lethal for country’s economy if CNG closed and if it is done then few industrialists will be accountable before the nation for their unjust. He went on to say that the world was giving top priority to CNG fuel for vehicles as it is safer fuel and environment friendly fuel as well as the most efficient use of natural gas.


  1. Those who introduced this are the real culprits and then CNG PROLIFERATED IN THE LAST 4 AND MORE THAN HALF YEARS.Hundreds of illegal CNG stations came up courtesy Gillani and Zardari. Instead of phasing out a date should be fixed.Using CNG in vehicles is the most dangerous contraption on roads and criminal waste of energy. This govt and the ones before never had their priorities right.

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