LPG price increased by Rs 16 per Kg


Pakistan LPG Distributor Association President Abdul Hadi Khan has informed media that the price of LPG in Pakistan has increased by Rs 16 per kg.
Effective from August 3, an 11.8 kg LPG cylinder carries a price of Rs 190, while each 45.4 kg cylinder has been increased to Rs 727; and Abdul Hadi has demanded of government to discourage any increase in LPG prices, developed locally, since any increase in prices would decrease the sale by 60%-65%.
He said that production companies had limited their production capacity to 800 tons, since past one and a half years, against the 1700 ton demand of LPG in local market.
He added that in view of these increasing prices, it was not possible to evolve the culture of LPG stations and the liquid as an automax; stressing for decrease in local tariffs to facilitate masses.
Prices of such liquid petroleum gas elements like propane and Beuton have increased by $.155 and $.200 per ton respectively.
Due to this hike, the Saudi ARAMCO contract tariff of LPG has shot to $.775 after an increase of $.168.50. This has affected the LPG import prices in country, to a whooping six times high of Rs.97, 000 from its previous of Rs.16000.