Transport nightmare on first night of volleyball


The first day of competition was truly a nightmare for journalists covering women’s volleyball.The last match of the night, Turkey vs. Brazil, was scheduled for 22:00. However, the first game between the USA and South Korea went to four sets, ending at 22:03. As a result, the last match did not begin until 22:45.
It was a tough game, and the match went to five sets. Brazil won in the end, 2-3. The match ended just before 1:00.
Journalists, as is common after a match, stayed in the press center to attend post-game press conferences, conduct interviews, and file their stories.
When the journalists were finished, it was already 1:30. However, when they left the media center to return to their hotels, they found that shuttle services had already stopped. The nearby tube stations were closed. There were no taxis to be found.Over 15 journalists walked two and half kilometers until they finally found a late-running night bus. They took the bus to Trafalgar Square, and then continued on in taxis.