Malik Riaz to appear before NAB JIT today


The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has issued a notice to property tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain for appearance before a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Monday (today). Since Malik Riaz Hussain in his first personal appearance had requested for further time to file additional documents and information, he has been re-summoned for the said purpose and questioning, NAB spokesman said. The JIT has also decided to record the statement of Salman Ahmed, son in law of Malik Riaz Hussain in the near future in the Arsalan Iftikhar-Malik Riaz case. Salman Ahmed is one of the relevant persons who is privy to or acquainted with the facts and transactions related to this case. His role in the case will be examined from all aspects. After recording statements of all persons connected with the case and verification of certain record the inquiry team will determine its next course of action. Evidence and reports from overseas authorities have already been sought, he said.


  1. The investigation team is trying to record a statements of all the members who involve in the case , so hope fully JIT team will solve the case after statement

  2. Mr. Malik and his family is completely cooperating with all the honorable organizations of Pakistan and not threatening them just like Mr. Arsalan is doing and accusing against them. So, we know the JIT will take all this in its notice and will declare a fair enough decision.

  3. malik riaz will appear on front of NAB when thy call him bcoz malik riaz is right and asking for justice

  4. NAB once again issue notice to Mr Riaz well he will face all this things in good manner as he is on righter side wants justice asap

  5. malik riaz apperaed before NAB JIT everytime called and the way he has been treated in this case is looking biased, why arslan is not summond again and again to record his statements and to investigate the case.

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