I enjoy sex comedies: Ritesh Deshmukh


It comes quite strange from a man who’s been mostly appreciated in the Hindi film industry for his comic antics to say that he doesn’t watch too many comedies. But that’s Riteish Deshmukh for you. Despite not being much of a comedy fan himself, Riteish however, does subscribe to the idea of sex comedies, or so he says as he gets into a brief conversation with us for his forthcoming film Kya Super Kool Hai Hum. Excerpts: So does the sequel Kya Super Kool Hai Hum start off from where it ended in the first part? No, the story is completely different. Though we are maintaining the same naughtiness of the first half, we have made the film a lot more contemporary since the first part came around seven years ago. The naughtiness however, I would say it has increased a little. The first time when we came, we were a little unsure whether the audience would receive the film but it did well at the box-office.
Do you think it’s easier with a sequel to bring the audience to the ticket windows, especially in the initial three days? It depends more on the film of which it’s a sequel. Suppose it is a sequel to Golmaal or Housefull then there will be enough buzz and curiosity. But with Kya Kool Hai Hum not being a universal film and having genre specific audience, apart from those who liked the first part and want to watch the sequel, we also have to cater to the new audience so that makes it a little difficult.
Are you saying that you are still struggling to get the audience to watch Kya Super Kool Hai Hum? We are not struggling but I would say we are aiming to get some new audience. We struggled seven years back. The kind of songs and promotions that we are doing within the censorship for our film, we are trying to reach out to as many as people possible.
What’s your character in the film? I play a struggling Disco Jockey (DJ) in the film and he finds it difficult to get work. The same is the case with Tusshar Kapoor’s character. He plays a struggling actor and he resorts to be doing teleshopping advertisements. The only good thing in our life is our dog Fakru. Because of him we are surviving. We pay our rents and other expenses because of him.
How much do you personally subscribe to sex comedies? I enjoy sex comedies. I have said earlier itself that I don’t watch too many comedies but whatever I have till now I have enjoyed it.
With the boldness quotient increasing by each film, do you think the perception of Indian audience has changed towards sex comedies? I believe we found our audience when we released Kya Kool Hai Hum seven years back. If people at that time wouldn’t have loved the film we wouldn’t have made the sequel. Over a period of time I think the audience has become receptive towards shocking content. They enjoy something new that is offered be it a film like Ragini MMS or The Dirty Picture. I wouldn’t say that shocking in context to sex but any kind of genre. I hope people continue to show positive response.
The morality lines in the Indian setting are too strong. How did you manage to make sure you don’t quite offend the mass? We try to tread so carefully when we are making a naughty comedy. There are already certain lines which are drawn. For example a citizen can vote from the age of 18 or a guy can marry after the age of 21. But line for morality is a personal call and is different for everyone. There are certain things that you might really enjoy watching on screen but it might be a little too much for someone else. Hence we have to figure out a way where we are showing the characters in the film doing things innocently and not saying some line in cockiness which comes across as the person means it.
Personally are there any lines that you have drawn for yourself? Before signing this film there were many lines which I couldn’t cross. But once I saw the big line on the cheque I told myself to cross all the lines (laughs). But on a serious note you come from a certain background and a family Yes, in that case I wouldn’t have done the first film seven years ago when my father (Vilasrao Deshmukh) was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. People now take me as an actor so there is a certain amount of freedom that I have for my profession. When you are talking about these lines they change every day.
Would you be open to say cuss words on screen?
I don’t think that I would be comfortable but sometimes when you have reference of a cuss word in a serious film and comedy films the whole scenario changes. I would try and refrain it.


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