Death toll at Children Hospital reaches 18


After the death of another child, the death toll has reached 18 at CMC Children Hospital opposite to Sheikh Zayed Women Hospital here on Sunday.
According to the reports, a baby Gulzadi died on Sunday in Children Hospital and the death toll reached 18.
The citizens, human rights and child rights activists continued their protest over the negligence of hospital authorities, doctors and staff.
The protest demonstrations led by the activists demanded the removal of medical superintendent (MS) and other staff over the negligence. They condemned the MS and its committee for failure to control deaths in Children Hospital, Larkana.
As per reports, on Friday and Saturday, one month new born baby, son of Gulzar Khoso, resident of Khairpur Nathan Shah died and another was serious, while three children also died among 3 year old Abdul Wahab son of Awais Sadhayo, resident of Naudero city, 3 year old Asia and Adnan (2) also died in Children Hospital owing to allegedly negligence of Doctors and Hospital staff during the 48 hours. The total numbers of 14 innocent children and newborn babies have been died in children hospital due to complete negligence and carelessness of concerned authorities.
There was apparently cause of death was prolonged load shedding and unavailability of Oxygen cylinders and failure to arrange the generator facility in the hospital attendants alleged.
The civil society and citizens, child and human rights organizations and representatives of various fields have expressed concern over the increasing mortality rate of children at Children Hospital Larkana and held responsible to the MS and concerned authorities for the death toll.
Meanwhile, at least two persons were killed in the name of honour in village Changul Kamber-Shahdadkot district on Sunday. According to details, Atta Mohammed Brohi killed his wife and brother and reached police station and told that he killed his wife for having illicit relations. While, in another incident in village Mohammed Siddique Jamali, armed men opened fire and killed Ali Mohammed Jamali and injured his wife. She was shifted to a local hospital. The police did not register the cases of the incidents yet and further investigations are under way.