Appeal to get 40 Pakistanis released from Saudi jails


Over 40 umra-bound Pakistanis were sent to jails in Saudi Arabia. Returning a wallet found while performing tawwaf to police cost Karachi’s Rameez dearly. Rameez had gone to Saudi Arabia 10 days ago to perform umra with his wife and three-year-old daughter. He found a wallet while performing tawwaf and returned it to police which arrested him and imprisoned him.
Administrator of Darul Uloon Binoria and prominent religious scholar Mufti Mohammad Naeem says that other such incidents have also surfaced. Some 40 Pakistanis including a religious scholar are incarcerated in Saudi jails, Mufti Naeem said. He appealed to the government to play its role to get innocent Pakistanis freed from Saudi jails.