16 PML-Q ministers submit resignations over loadshedding


At least 16 PML-Q ministers have submitted resignations to Ch Shujaat in protest against loadshedding.
According to a private TV channel, the ministers in their resignations have stated that it was not possible for them to face the masses because of worst loadshedding.
The ministers presented their resignations to the party president during a meeting at Lahore State Guest House.
They further said that there was no development works being done in their constituencies and it was hard for them to face their voters, adding the under completion uplift projects had also been stopped due to non-availability of required funds.
Federal ministers that tendered resignation included Anwar Cheema and Akram Gill. Ch Shujaat Hussain assured the ministers that he would talk to the president and prime minister on the issue.
Meanwhile, citizens protested against massive blackouts during sehr and aftar timings across the country.
The government seems helpless to provide relief to the masses during the holy month of Ramazan. Despite all claims, it is becoming impossible for the authorities to implement government’s orders to end unscheduled load shedding across the country.


  1. You know what excuse the govt will put up…..judiciary did not allowed them to work…..

  2. The ministers think by resigning at the moment they can get support of their people and can win election again ..

    bunch of fools

  3. why did it take over four years and half for PMQ to realize that people are suffering because of shortage of electricity.

  4. Why NOW!!! Late reaction!! Now trying to win people support as elections are coming closer.

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