Vendors overcharge despite decrease in vegetable prices


Vegetable prices have decreased while fruit prices are still high in the local market as well as at weekly bazaars of the capital during the month of Ramadan. According to market rates, presently, onions are being sold at Rs 150 per five kilograms, while potatoes at Rs 90 to 194 per five kg, ladyfinger at Rs 36 per kg, white pumpkin Rs 40 per kg, ridge gourd (tori) at Rs 35-40 per kg, tomatoes Rs 40 per kg, cucumber at Rs 20-40 per kg, green chilly Rs 60 per kg, lemon Rs 150 per kg and cabbage Rs 24 per kg.
According to fruit market rates, apple is available between Rs 100 and Rs 200 per kg, apple (white) Rs 120-160 per kg, apple (China golden) Rs 200 per kg, banana Rs 80-150 a dozen, mango Rs 45 to Rs 100 per kg, mango (chonsa) Rs 60 per kg, mango (langra) Rs 50, mango (almas) Rs 45, mango (dosehri) Rs 60 per kg, mango (desi) Rs 45 per kg, cherry Rs 300 per kg, guava Rs 120 per kg, watermelon Rs 20-30 per kg, melon Rs 60 per kg, peach Rs 110 per kg, grapes sunderkhani Rs 260 per kg, grapes badana Rs 200 per kg and dates Rs 200 per kg.
It may be mentioned here that the fruit and vegetable vendors are still selling both commodities at high rates in various areas of the city, giving the reason that there is a shortage of the commodities.
Shoppers said most of the vendors are selling fruits and vegetable without displaying rate lists and are involved in overcharging. They appealed to authorities concerned to adopt a proper plan and take appropriate measures to restrict vendors from overcharging.