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800MW restored: Ahmed Mukhtar

Federal Minister for Water and Power Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar has said that the government is taking all measures to reduce power cuts in the country.
In an interview, he said load shedding is being carried out in all provinces on equal basis.
Mukhtar said power production has started in Chashma-II power plant and 370 megawatts of electricity is to be added in the national grid by Sunday evening.
The Minister said overall eight hundred megawatts of electricity has been restored in the national grid.

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  1. desi said:

    Shut up all you political s.h.i.t.b.a.g.s 370 megawatts won't even light a light bulb when you are short 6500 megawatt.

  2. grazar said:

    Thats 5% of the shortfall. May Allah spite this man & his partners, especially the devil's accomplice Zardari to eternal hell & the most painful death on this earth. May they be set examples for the rest of ummah. Amen.

  3. furqan said:

    everybody fed up with these argument. five years about to completing they could found any solution OR they don’t want to give relieve to the people…

  4. Rubina said:

    This is a man who destroyed PIA because of his addiction to corruption and abuse of power. He is now going to destroy whatever that is left with Water and Power ministry.

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