16 more peacocks doomed with Rani Khait epidemic, toll reaches 83


Despite precautionary measures and efforts, poultry experts have not succeeded to overcome the Rani Khait disease in peacocks which resulted into the deaths of 16 more peacocks, raising the overall death toll to 83. The Rani Khait disease, which spread in some areas of Tharparkar some three weeks ago, has so far claimed the lives of about seven dozen precious peacocks. The disease first initiated from the Mitthi area and later it turned into an epidemic and engulfed the surrounding areas, including Daiplo and Nangarparkar tehsils. The Wildlife department and four teams of poultry experts were busy in the affected areas where affected peacocks were treated, while others were vaccinated to save them of the dreadful epidemic. However, the local people expressing dissatisfaction over the medical teams have asked for more experts and medicines to save the precious peacocks.