Suu Kyi’s silence on Burmese Muslims’ massacre condemned


Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese opposition leader, is facing a backlash from fellow pro-democracy campaigners who are dismayed at her refusal to speak out against the massacre of Burmese Muslims being committed by her country’s military. Activists who supported the icon of human rights through her years of imprisonment and isolation accuse her of staying silent on the most pressing human rights issue in Burma today – the treatment of the Rohingya, a stateless group identified by the United Nations as one of the most persecuted minorities anywhere. Critics contend that she has dodged the subject throughout eight weeks of strife in Rakhine state in western Burma, where hundreds of Muslims have been killed and tens of thousands displaced from their homes. There have been consistent reports of army beatings, acts of intimidation and extra judicial killings of the Rohingya Muslims.
Her refusal to criticise President Thein Sein, a former military general, for endorsing policies that could be seen as recommending ethnic cleansing have caused particular consternation. Thein Sein said the 800,000 Rohingya population should be put in camps and sent across the border to Bangladesh. “She is in a difficult position, but people have been disappointed she hasn’t been more outspoken,” said Anna Roberts, executive director of the Burma Campaign UK. “She passed up opportunities to say good things on this,” said Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch. “This was all blowing up when she was travelling in Europe and she didn’t confront it,” he added, referring to her recent foreign tour when the Nobel laureate was feted in London, Dublin, Paris and Oslo.
The sweeping reforms that have seen Suu Kyi take a seat in parliament have also eased censorship laws, exposing resentment towards the Rohingya and Muslims among the majority Buddhist ethnic Burmese population. Some activists said it was unclear if the Nobel Peace Laureate shared commonly held prejudices towards the dark-skinned minority from the subcontinent, who first migrated from Bengal centuries ago. “One has to be suspicious or concerned about what her views are,” said Adams. “It’s very hard to know what she thinks.” In her first parliamentary speech this week Suu Kyi cited the importance of protecting minority rights, but that was widely regarded as referring to larger Buddhist groups such as the Karen and Shan. Maung Zarni, a Burmese academic who was on a panel with her at the London School of Economics in June, said: “She has been very non-committal on the issue of the Rohingya.” Other victims of Burma’s military regime had been released from prison only to show a “shocking” level of racial prejudice against Muslims, he said. “Pro-democracy crowds are also cut from the same racist ideological fabric” as the military-dominated government, he added.


  1. Double Standards of leaders . It is in real sense depressing . Her silence indicates that all said n done was a hypocrisy or an effort to grab an oppertunity for an upcoming vacant slot . Leaders should have courage to call spade a spade .

  2. Aung San Suu Kyi, thought highly of you thus far. Shame on you; totally and extremely disappointed with your criminal silence. Are they not human?

    • Mr. Qasim, mind your own business. Put your country in order. Address the issue of daily murdering by your political parties each other, your useless education system, your corruptionstart from head of the state and talibanisation etc.
      I think your govt should put more efforts on people to stop being a contract of islam.

  3. burmese activity on the muslim is like a animal.human is human do this type of activity does not a human.

    • Mr. Arshad How about you Muslims killing another muslims in Pakistan, on daily basis ????
      Put your house in order.. Stop exporting your idiot ideology to other countries.. everywhere is your country's hand, be it India, or USA or UK or Afghanistan or Bali bombing.. all came from your Madrassa.. Wake up .. before its too late.
      Your country is FAILED STATE.

      • What about yours?? Now everyone knows about myanmar and their goverment game?? How nicely they have made war between buddhist and muslim.
        And who told you muslims are killing muslims?? The one who killed another human is not muslim. So first learn about islam .

  4. As muslims we should be empathetic and support any act to reduce act of muder/genocide anywhere around the world BUT as Pakistanis cannot cry fowl esp when our own minoroties and Hazara/Qadiani communities are under constant death row.What has the Pakistan govt/armed forces done to protect our own people??

  5. Pakistanis should clean up their own house first before worrying t much about Burma. Arent there things you guys keep quiet about?

  6. Rakhine are bangladeshis or former east pakistanis left behind, they are not burmese. Pakistan should take them back if they feel bad for them. Unlike pakistanis,Buddhist are non-violent people but enough is enough. You cant rape and kill innocents and hide behind your religion. BTW how come all religions of the world have problems with pakistani muslims only?

  7. First clean up Pakistan and stop harassing and haranguing other minorities like Christians and Hindus before a similar right can be demanded elsewhere.recently a"Hindu" BOY was converted to Islam.what if the Rohingyas were converted to Buddhism and would that be shown on TV.

  8. its shameful burma Heinous act ? I dont know what is burma Govt .Doing ? and what is complete world is doing ? lets join together to stop this Heinous act.
    Than wasting time here with waste fellows.

  9. Suu Kyi is nothing more than an American puppet. All Nobel prize winners are Western puppets.

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  11. It is sad when those in power do not speak out,human rights are human rights regardless of race or religion, where is the sense of humanity,it is these divides that prevent us from seeing each other as one people. Why should one persons death have preferance over anothers, we should be standing up for all injustice

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