Judiciary and parliament must not overstep boundaries: Azad


Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Yasin Azad on Friday said that democracy could face a crisis if the judiciary and parliament did not work within their constitutional spheres.
Talking to the media, he said that democracy in the country had been restored after a long struggle by political parties, lawyers and people. The country would suffer if democracy was derailed once again.
“We stand by the law and constitution and not with an individual or a political party, but we demand that the judiciary and parliament should remain within their constitutional limits,” Yasin said, “Whenever an institution overstepped its boundaries, democracy would be affected,”
He said that he did not see what other options the government had if they did not adhere to the demands of the judiciary and write the letter to Swiss authorities. He added that if the judiciary and government continued to lock horns over the issue of writing the letter, there would be a lot of negative consequences for the country.