Health minister for efforts to check spread of Hepatitis


Sindh Minister for Health Dr Sagheer Ahmed on Friday called for making concerted efforts to help check the spread of Hepatitis.
He said this in a statement here on the eve of the World Hepatitis Day being marked on July 28.
The minister said that the day was observed to foster awareness regarding the Hepatitis which was on the increase the world over.
He urged all the stakeholders to join hands and supplement the governmental efforts for the prevention of Hepatitis.
Dr Sagheer pointed out that preventive measures included precautionary inoculation, screening of blood as well as awareness regarding the disease.
He said that a special programme in this regard was being run successfully in the province for the past three years.
However, he added, in view of the increase in Hepatitis cases, there was a need for all stakeholders to join the government in adopting preventive measures to help check spread of this diseases.