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Power protests right of people: Shahbaz

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that people were justified to protest against loadshedding but appealed them not to damage the public and private properties.
Talking to citizens at his China Chowk tent office, the chief minister said loadshedding at the timings of Sehr and Iftar despite pledges is a clear proof of inefficiency and failure of the federal government.
He said that people have again come to the roads because of load shedding which is their right. He said protest is the right of the people but that should remain within the limits of the law and properties should not be ransacked.

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  1. Rashid said:

    The ruling PML-N leaders in Punjab have instigated the mayhem that saw the masses taking to the streets and wreaking destruction on public property. According to an estimate, nearly Rs 12 million worth of losses have been incurred due to the violence that saw people attacking banks, WAPDA offices, police stations, petrol stations and public and government vehicles since previous month. The existing energy crises is also partly due to the inability of the Punjab government to produce its own electricity and its unwillingness to arrive at a working relationship with the federal government. The Chief Minister Punjab and Punjab government is inciting the people against the federation, and the rulers of the province are responsible for the loss of life and damage to the public. The power outages in the last couple of days had increased throughout the country due to an increase in the shortfall, but it cannot be a justification for attacking public and PPP leaders’ properties.

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