Dams dying up as we speak


As the summer takes its toll on those living in the federal capital during month of Ramadan, the water crises is further deepening, as only 5 million gallons of water remain in the Khanpur dam. Similarly, Rawal and Simli dams are also drying up and the level of underground water has reached the dead level leading to the risk of a severe water crisis gripping the twin cities.
Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, Capital Development Authority and Chaklala including Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) have formally asked the citizens to not to waste water.
The situation took a turn for the worst when because of the decrease in inflow of water, hot weather and no major rainfall in catchments, Khanpur Dam’s, the largest source of water for the twin cities, underground rocks and bed started becoming visible at some points, which is an alarming sign. Dam authorities also confirmed that the water level in the reservoir had reached an alarmingly low level.

The CDA has been unable to overcome severe water shortage being faced for the last three months by the residents of the federal capital and Rawalpindi.
“For the last four days, there has not been a single drop of water in my house and I have moved to my relative’s house, only to find out that there is no water here too,” a resident of Sector I said.
The water tankers have also been unable to provide relief to the people. “I lodged a complaint with the department concerned of the CDA for water supply, but a water tanker arrived at midnight and could not reach my house because a number of cars had been parked in the street,” Noman Bashir, a resident of I-10/2 Sector said.
He pointed out that a large number of residents were now forced to adopt other means, including digging out their own tube-wells.
Another resident said that long queues of people were seen at water purification plants to fetch water.

When contacted, an official of CDA held unscheduled load shedding and shortage of water in Rawal and Khanpur dams responsible for shortage of water.
He, however, said that the high-ups of the authority should devise a comprehensive strategy to find out permanent solution to the problems of water shortage.
He said the civic body had made a plan to lay a pipeline from the Indus River to ensure smooth water supply to its residents as they are experiencing the worst water shortage during the months of July. According to an official of water tanker service, it was supplying water to more than 1,000 complainants daily.