Burney to sue Maya Khan for “conversion” stint on live show


Former expert advisor to the United Nations on Human Rights Ansar Burney has recently stated that he would file a legal suit against Maya Khan for creating a drama and using his worker Sunil without his permission for her Television show.
Burney tweeted this statement on his official Twitter account on Friday.
“Anchor Maya Khan again created dirty drama by inviting my office worker Sunil to her show without my permission to convert him Muslim,” tweeted Burney.
Burney also tweeted that he would send a legal notice to Maya Khan and TV owners of 10 million sterling pounds. “The ‘Burney Legal Solicitors’ London is going to send legal Notice to anchor Maya Khan and TV owners of 10 million sterling pounds,” further tweeted the former federal minister for Human Rights.
Ansar Burney termed the entire “Hindu to Muslim” conversion as a “drama” by tweeting, “my worker has full right of freedom but what Sunil told me is a painful story of drama so I have to take action.”
According to Ansar Burney, Sunil is a worker within Ansar Burney Trust and who was deliberately used by anchor Maya Khan for a recent Ramadan transmission whereby Sunil was seen converting as a Muslim.


  1. Excellent step Burney sahib, these tv channels and anchors are steeping to new lows everyday for publicity. I read ur tweets, the guy was exploited!!!

  2. one has to teach Maya Khan a lesson and stop her somewhere, she is simply crazy for name and fame!

  3. Well done Burney Sahib.. She is the most disgusting personality on the TV channels.

  4. These all media personnels are dushman of Pakistan and Islam. Only few r good

  5. As I don't know the whole story, I am little confused? If she tried to convert somebody from one religion to other, why is it such a big deal….right here in good ole USA, it's done on lots of channels by leaders of many different faiths, including so-called self righteous, supposed to be educated Muslims!! What am I missing here Dr. Mona?

  6. Out of all problems, why our fellow pakistanis are busy in converting others to Islam.. everyone has their own faith and fate.
    Why not we talk about daily killings in karachi (muslim to muslim).. corruptions, lousy educations, changing our text books.. and larger issues.
    We did not have a option to chose a religion and parents..our parents are muslim so we born as muslim. If our parents were hindus, we would have born as hindu.. whats a big deal ? Maya Khan, wake up. You can do such thing only in lawless country like pakistan..

  7. she is a just a cheap stuff and nothing else.highly appreciate Mr Burney,s action.another shameful act of media against religious minorities is pak.

  8. I would like to know why Mr. Burney seems to think that his office workers need his permission before converting to Islam. "Creating a drama" is that supposed to be the legal basis for a lawsuit?
    The personality of Ms. Maya Khan is a red herring in all of this. The actual story is that Ansar Burney, former "Federal Minister for Human Rights" & "Expert Advisor to the United Nations on Human Rights" believes that he owns his employees. It tells you all you need to know about our upper class and their professed concern about "Human Rights" and gives a whole new meaning to the term "Wage Slave".

  9. Well said Ali bhai! But unfortunately hypocrites hold the centre stage these days.
    It's rightly said that "religion was invented to prevent the poor people from killing the rich! "

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