Violence against women


Our society is facing many problems and those problems that arise due to some of our retrogressive customs are the worst to counter. Violence against women is one such problem and is gaining ground rapidly. If proper timely measures are not taken, then it will make the situation even more unbalanced.
Violence can be both through action and intention. Domestic violence is a mounting problem in our society, as it has disturbed the lives of many women. Women are being directly affected by different types of violence. As we look around our environment, we will come to know that the rights of the women are not being delivered properly to them. Even in this day and age in Pakistan, women are targeted through different brutal practices. Women are tortured and sexually abused every now and then, and many incidents of this nature are happening all around us. Acid throwing, wani, forceful marriages, marriage to the Quran, etc have disturbed the overall fragment of the society. Women are being cornered every now and then, and as a result they are being suffering from different physiological and psychological disorders. Entrenched violence against women is a massive hurdle on the path to development, as their role is negated and neglected and they face different kind of inequalities. As a citizen of Pakistan, it is our duty to eradicate the violence that women of our society face – be it familial, societal, institutional or structural, so that they can function as vibrant members of society and contribute fully to its prosperity. Proper policies must be formulated, adequate legislation must be passed and these, most importantly, must be implemented through proper enforcement channels (which includes not just the justice machinery but the investigation and law enforcement machinery as well).


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