UK lawmakers urge US to stop drone strikes in Pakistan


As many as 12 British parliamentarians have sent a letter to the government of the United States, urging that drone attacks in Pakistan be immediately stopped.
Media reports on Thursday said the UK lawmakers asked the US to stop drone attacks in Pakistan as it could prove dangerous for the UK and the West.
They lawmakers said the drone strikes were in violation of sovereignty of UK’s ally (Pakistan). They called for an immediate halt in the attacks saying the militants and extremists made them justification to carry out their activities.
The UK’s parliamentarians urged that the attacks lead to spreading hatred among the people of Pakistan.
Lord Nazir Ahmad, Lord Steel Acowood, Lord Jad, Lord Hussain, Lord E Escadel And Lord Eubarry include members of House of Lords while George Galway, John Hemming, Paul Flain, Yasmin Qureshi, Jeraldko Famin and Simon Disnek are from the house of commons who have signed the letter written to the US and NATO.


    • Dont worry! wait for the moment when i would be the president 🙂 tab dekho ga keh ap vote date ho keh nai………

    • @ Ebtesam Khalid Dont Worry! wait for the moment when i would be the president of this nation inshallah 🙂 tab dekho ga keh vote date ho keh nai……………………………….

  1. Salute to Lord Nazir Ahmad who pushed for such letter.

    Pakistan should take a stand to stop such attacks by Americans

  2. I mean what a pity!! One country is asking another country to stop drone in a third country!!

  3. Hamari budbakhti ki waja hamari jahalat hai. .Perhay likhay vote naheen detay aur Unparh to vote Saeen ko he dain gay!!

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