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PTI stages protest against Muslim killing in Burma

Provincial leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Mohammed Khan Dotani held a protest demonstration in front of Quetta press club against the killing of innocent Brumes Muslims.
The protestors held ply cards bearing slogan against the religious persecution of Muslims in Burma.
Addressing the protestors Mohamed khan Dotani and Ali Ahmed Mengal said that innocent Muslims were being killed in Burma but United Nations and other human rights organization have become silent spectator.
They said, within 45 days in Burma 30,000 Muslims have been killed, burned alive and their homes destroyed and several hamlets have perished.
While criticizing the silence Muslims leaders on the extermination of Muslims in Burma, they requested that voice against the massacre should be raised and UN and human rights organisations should play their role and take notice of killing of Burma Muslims.

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  1. Muhammad said:

    Why didn't they protest over killing of innocent Muslims by fellow Muslims (Taliban) here in this land of pure

  2. sheikh said:

    Did you have any video photo age of this horrible event?

  3. ABC said:

    I am from Myanmar.. Only 56 Muslims (I call them a illegal immigrants from bangladesh) have been killed, but 156 buddhists were killed .. why no one talking for that ?
    They bengali immigrants are the trouble makers.. they are the one raped a buddhist girl and burnt alive..
    By the way, I want to know why Pakistanis are contractors of Islam ?? they should mind of their own business. Daily killings, robberies, killings of Hindus, killings of Christians and killing of Ahmedi muslim sect and become the world most dangerous place to live…

    • Jaweed Nasir said:

      ABC you accused yourself. you exploit Buddhist by your false stories as you have done in 2000 but now time is changed. Social Media is more trustworthy and powerful then others. Look your writing yourself. It reflect your true picture. How many innocent peoples were burned to kill by your self. There are hundred thousand posts are visible on fb you-tube, twitter etc etc. Bangladeshi are very good people. By your your writing every Bengali will hate Burma. Mr. ABC you are not only enemy of Muslims but you are enemy of your own country too.

  4. Khan Jr said:

    I think PTI, to show its political maturity, should also strongly protest the babaric slaughter of thousands of Muslim civilians in Syria and Balochistan.

    • Shahid said:

      tum log sirf aik PTI se sab kuch expect kartay ho… they have other things to do as well and not the protests only. why dont you demand something similar from govt or pml-n.

  5. umama said:

    if you want to know the truthe watch videos on you tube

  6. Mwaqar said:

    PTI and its comrades in hard line Islamic parties should be worrying about their own people in Pakistan,its amazing IMRAN FAKE KHAN and other hard line Islamist never protest when Taliban suicide attackers kill innocent people and fellow muslims in Pakistan,FATA or Afghanistan,these champions of islam never protest against the killings of Shias,they never protest against the discrimination hindus,christens,Ahmadis face in the islamic republic of pakistan.

  7. IndianDude said:

    How dare burmese buddhists massacre 100s of bangladeshi/former east pakistani muslims???? Only the west pakistanis have right to butcher and rape millions of bangladeshis. Pakistan's government should sue Burma for violating pakistan's copy/birth right for butchery.

  8. jazzy said:

    it is so sample attack on this brutal and insane burmise army and terrorist. it most samples solution. if we didn't they will repeat and repeat.

  9. azhar said:

    wah bhaee… PTI is the only part who has stage protest aginst these killings… goood

  10. Kashif_Karachi said:

    My reply is specifically for Burmi ediot and indian bastered commented here, we know very well that these indian basterds were slaves of muslims over 1000 years, and they did not come out from the complexity till yet. For that they attack the muslims in different ways, some time in trian attack, always in Kashmir and now enluence the Burmies to do so. You forget the "Paanipat" and we are now thinking to remind you that. Stop killing the muslims and be in your limit. this is unfortunate that the "so called Muslim Leaders" become dogs and pigs in this matter.

    • hindu militant said:

      we wont stay in our limit. What u gonna do? Waiting to welcome you for fourth battle of panipat, just a couple hundred kms from wagah border, try crossing the border first. This is not 1761. hya hya hya

  11. Umairkhan said:

    Allah raham kare in par …ko bi news ise share nai kar rahi hai plz .share …

  12. shamsher said:

    I am Indian Muslim but but the bloody bangladeshi or pakistani who is the neighbour of burma saamp sunghliya kya. kyu kuch nai karte.we will all buddhist..fuck all buddhistt jahunnam me dubado.

  13. mohammed azeem said:

    head of the country amrica president ple do and stop kill muslim

  14. Hanmah said:

    PlZ.. For Heaven sake.. Wht are we depicting?? Islam is a religion of peace.. Plz dont use such lang.. Whether we r pak,indian or Bangladeshi.. If we r muslims we r brothers and sisters y so we forget that?

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