Mandate squandered?


The PPP and PML(N) were mandated by the people of Pakistan on 18/02/08 to find the solution to their problems which include an upward price spiral, unemployment, load shedding, lawlessness, extremism and health care, but their aspirations have so far been dashed on the rocks of politics. All the social and economic ills continue to soar high without any pause. The politicians seem to have forgotten their pledges made to people during election campaign. Instead they have entered into a loathsome war of accusation against each other and revived their old rivalry of 1980-90, which is eroding their own credibility. This unholy practice is neither good for democracy nor for the general masses.
The federal government of PPP and the provincial government of PML(N) in Punjab have full control and authority to do what their leaders want to do, and need to do. No effective steps have been taken to reduce the sufferings of people. The industrialists, businessmen, hoarders, profiteers, influential politicians and bureaucrats enjoy unbridled freedom to extract money from citizen without resource. Moreover, the increase in dacoities, theft and daylight robberies has made life intolerable. The citizens feel insecure even in their homes.
The political leaders of both the parties are expected to accept the responsibility and take drastic measures with courage but it seems the political will is missing. The politicians ought to deliver rather than dodge because the source of every failure is excessive politicising of issues.