Fair polls to change country’s fate: Ebrahim


Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim said that the next election would be a test of the system.
Speaking to journalists at the Sindh Election Commission office, he said electoral rolls would be issued by the end of July. He directed election commission staff not to keep any relationships with politicians.
He pointed that measures were being taken for the electoral rolls implementation.
Ebrahim further said that the country’s fate would change if it experiences free and fair elections.
Sindh Chief Election Commissioner Sono Khan Baloch brief him about the electoral rolls, by-elections, and court cases.


  1. Put 2 armed army soldiers at each site with these officials to insure no funny business.I don't trust any politician,they all like to use terms like fool proof,leaving no stones unturned.

  2. CEC thinking is wrong…This system can not change fate of the nation.
    Same people will be elected.
    If you have guts 1st disqualify them

  3. Mr .Ebrahim, You are facing a heroic task. I wish you luck but let it not be said that you did not prove equal to the task! A captain can be only good if he is leading a good team in which he is involved in selecting. Do not accept a selected team to help you. The future generations are going to judge you. You are going to make a mark in the history because
    the whole country wanted you to lead. Let there be no doubt! Start with a clean brush.

  4. Even the fairest elections under the present system will return the same rubbish. At least Runoff elections reform as directed by the supreme court should be implemented before the coming elections.

  5. The CEC is known for his integrity! but will the interim government have an iota of such honesty to be completely neutral.

  6. Why is every small player in country's politics/judiciary/forces/media claiming the same!!!!! Too many cooks?

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