Christian Bale visits Aurora victims


The onscreen Batman prayed for those who lost their lives and met the injured in the Medical Center of Aurora. Christian Bale paid a surprise visit to the victims of the Colorado shoot-out tragedy on Tuesday. There was an online campaign of sorts on Twitter, expecting Bale to go see the victims. Bale did just that as he along with his wife Sibi Blazic visited the Medical Center of Aurora to check on those injured in the tragedy. He enquired about their health and even posed for pictures with them. He even posed with the hospital staff, who was thrilled by his visit and kind gesture. The ugly incident happened at a theatre in Colorado on 21st July, where a man randomly opened fire on the fans who had come to watch The Dark Knight Rises premiere. The shooter was identified as James Holmes. Thus the reel life Batman was expected to go see his people.
Bale met the victims, their families and made them smile amidst the immense pain and irreparable loss. It is said, he spent about over two hours at the hospital. One of the victims even posted his picture with Christian Bale on Facebook. The English actor even visited the memorial of those dead and observed moment of silence with their families. He wasn’t identified immediately and even when he was, no one bothered him too much.
Production House, TDKR Warner Bros have apparently clarified that they had no role to play in his visit. He came on his own and wasn’t accompanied by any PR or assistants. Bale’s sweet gesture has won the hearts of his fans and critics. He had even issued a statement post the tragedy stating, “Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.” Bale is the Bat with the heart of gold! Superhero in every sense of the word.