84th Senate session today; Rehman Malik to take oath


The Upper House of the Parliament is to meet in its 84th session tomorrow and, as per information available with Online, the session will continue for three or four days.
Rehman Malik, former Minister for Interior, who resigned from ministerial office and members of the Senate for having dual nationality, will take oath as member of the Upper House of the Parliament.
Malik surrendered his British nationality and got himself re-elected as Senator unopposed after the Election Commission of Pakistan accepted his plea of having surrendered foreign nationality.
Order of the Day for the session comprises four agenda items including oath taking of Rehman Malik. The other agenda items are debate on address of the President Asifl Ali Zardari to both Houses of the Parliament, laying committee report and others.
When asked feared presentation of any resolution or amendment by the government, ANP and MQM legislators expressed their utmost ignorance about whether the government seemed inclined to present any amendment to counter proceedings of the Supreme Court.
Even, ANP lawmaker, Afrasiab Khattak also complained that government did not take his party onboard while summoning the session of the House. Similarly, MQM senators also showed their sheer ignorance towards the possible agenda of the government behind summoning the session, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.


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  2. Its ok to reward rehman malik for planning the murder of BB but there also needs to be a limit on rewards.

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