Pakistan should stop blaming foreign intervention for internal challenges: Munter | Pakistan Today

Pakistan should stop blaming foreign intervention for internal challenges: Munter

The multiple internal challenges Pakistan is facing would not be solved by blaming outsiders or foreign intervention, said the outgoing American envoy in Pakistan Cameron Munter.
“Pakistan must look to its own people and its own potential to meet these challenges,” said the US ambassador in his farewell message to the Facebook community in Pakistan. The outgoing US ambassador also welcomed Pakistan’s active role in building a stable, secure and prosperous Afghanistan.
Richard Olson, a veteran diplomat and former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, would be replacing Munter in Pakistan. Security, energy, education, and economic development are the significant internal challenges, Munter said, Islamabad was still facing. The US envoy expressed his strong belief that Pakistan could overcome these challenges. “As it does so, the United States will stand behind Pakistan,” he said. As Pakistan leads, he said, the US and Pakistan’s many international friends would follow with support, assistance and encouragement. The outgoing US ambassador was upbeat about the future of Pak-US ties which he said had “suffered”. “Today is my last day in Pakistan as the US Ambassador. Throughout my tenure, the United States and Pakistan have faced tremendous challenges. Our ties have suffered,” he wrote. But, Munter said, his belief was that he was leaving at a time when the two countries’ enduring relationship was poised to find new areas of mutual interest, enhanced cooperation and increasing productivity.
”With NATO supply lines open and with Prime Minister Ashraf having just concluded a successful visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan has demonstrated its intention to be a key player in fostering regional stability and taking an active role in building a stable, secure, and prosperous Afghanistan,” the American envoy said adding “The United States welcomes this role.”

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  1. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    1 only wish you had said this on arrival rather on departure. One always becomes wiser on leaving the office. This is one of the unwritten rules of diplomacy. Farewll Mr.Ambassdor. Thank you for everything.

    • NazirKAli said:

      Mr. Munter, Ambassador, I agree with the Doctor.
      You resigned on principles and for an equitable stand, which makes it even more admirable.
      During your stay in Pakistan, you must have observed that Pakistani politicians are of a class of their own. To put it simply…uncivilized and uneducated.
      Allah Hafiz, Mr. and Mrs. Munter and wishing you and your family the best of everything life has to offer. Salams

  2. Ram Parkash said:

    'Pakistan should stop blaming foreign intervention for internal challenges' and foreign governments especially US Government stop suggesting solution to Pakistan for its internal problems.

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