20 suspects arrested in Olympic visa scam


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Lahore has taken into custody 20 people, including two travel agents, passport office employees and an official of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) involved in a fake visa scandal. Four employees of passport office were suspended over the issue.
According to details, FIA officials on special directives of Adviser on Interior Rehman Malik launched an operation against people involved in the fake visa scandal and conducted raids in various localities of the city. During the raid, the FIA arrested 20 people in connection with the fake visa scandal. Four officials of Garden Town passport office were suspended for cooperating with the elements involved in the fake visas issue. Five female employees are among those arrested by FIA.
Meanwhile, a key suspect of the scandal, local politician Abid Chauhdry, has gone into hiding and raids are underway for his arrest while his name has been placed on the Exist Control List (ECL). Meanwhile, in London, a Downing Street spokesman said that highly-trained British agents have been in Pakistan working with authorities to prevent security breaches during the Olympic Games in London.
The news came as The Sun reported that a crime ring in Pakistan was offering to provide fake passports and visas, as well as help smuggle bogus individuals into Olympic venues posing as members of athletes’ support teams. Asked about the report at a daily media briefing in Westminster on Tuesday, the prime minister’s spokesman said: “My understanding is that we are confident that we have the checks in place and the arrangements in place to deal with these issues. The delegation lists for the Olympic Games are very tightly controlled and when it comes to Pakistan we have had highly-trained staff based in Pakistan dealing with the authorities there to deal with this.”


  1. These NADRA officials cause unnecessary pain and trouble for the genuine applicants and accept bribes from the frauds and criminals. They should be sent to jail.

  2. The big criminals of Pakistan are running the country, namely 'raja rental' the prime minister and the president, asif zardari. They should be arrested at first for blundering the the fate of 180 million heart and souls.

    Everyone else in the country is small time criminal. Let us all choose a non-corrupted leader in the next free and fair elections.

  3. I have heard Kaira has decided to sue the SUN.This UK newspaper is well known to expose injustices in society and is also known as the King maker at election times.Now Kaira this is a UK newspaper ,unlike Paki newspapers we enjoy freedom of speech and let you be warned you will be made the laughing stock! Instead of wasting time and energy on this subject matter why dont you and others try to stop the killings of the innocent Shias?At least there you will achieve rewards from God in this holy month

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