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When money is ‘wasted’ on laptops, it is the students who have to suffer

The reason behind the sudden increase in BA/BSc and MA/ MSc fees at Punjab University is because of money spent on arranging a laptop distribution ceremony at the varsity. Around Rs10.61 m was spent on staging the political drama by PU VC Professor Dr Mujahid Kamran, when the varsity was already facing a financial crunch, sources told Pakistan Today. Sources in the PU’s Treasury Department said that the varsity had been facing a lot of issues after spending such an exorbitant amount just to please the Punjab CM.
They said that they hadn’t received any money from the CDGL or Punjab government for arranging the political ceremony, and the students have ended up paying a high price for the laptops distributed.
On the other hand the student community is condemning the CM, who according to them has taken no steps to address the issue of the fees hike. Students said that the CM should inquire as to why he has earned such a bad reputation for himself by spending their money over the laptop scheme.
The PU administration has been facing harsh criticism from parents and the student community after having recently announced an increase in the examination fees; and an increase of 20 percent for BA/ BSc and a 10 percent increase in the MA/ MSc admissions fees. Students and parents, who can not afford the additional fees, have all claimed that this is well beyond their means and cannot continue their education because of this. Educationists and students have been questioning the need to increase the fees when earlier the CM raised slogans for providing maximum facilities for the education sector.
A reliable source in the PU administration said it was only that particular laptop distribution ceremony that had caused this hike, as they still await funds from CDGL. Students at PU had protested prior to the ceremony, saying that this will end up being a political show only, but the VC had paid no heed. Several educationists believe this was carried out in gratitude for the extension in Dr Kamran’s tenure at PU. It is important to mention here that not only the students but honourable Chief Justice of LHC also took notice of the political drama at that time and at that time court also directed the city government to explain what law allowed it to reimburse PU for the money it spent on a ceremony for the distribution of laptops last month. The chief justice of Lahore High Court took notice of this and directed the city government to explain under what law it was allowed to reimburse PU for the money it had spent on the ceremony last month. The CJ told Dr. Kamran not to pay for the ceremony, but he still went ahead and did it anyway.
PU’s acting Treasurer Rao Sharif confirmed that the varsity has not received money from CDGL. PU IJT Nazim Rai Haq Nawaz said that it is a shame that the students’ money was spent on distributing laptops and the VC’s political activities.
Sara, a student at PU, said that at the time of the ceremony, LHC had taken notice and requested the CJ to take a suo motto notice of the increase in fee as this decision can close doors for thousands of poor families.

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  1. Saud said:

    10-20% fee increase is in line with the inflation rate. What is all the fuss about? Scoring political points?

  2. Sworn said:

    Punjab university is still charging less than the other government universities.

  3. adeel said:

    Despite LHC directive Punjab Govt. yet to pay expenditure to University, this is called good governance.

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