PCNS members have reservations over non-enforcement of some recommendations: Khar


Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) chairman Raza Rabbani said on Tuesday that members had reservations over un-implementation of some recommendations of parliament by the foreign office over briefing of foreign minister.
The in-camera session of the PCNS was held in the Parliament House on Tuesday and presided by the Raza Rabbani.
Raza Rabbani has directed for elimination of the reservations tendered by the members of the PCNS.
Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar briefed the members with the Pakistan’s stance over the Afghanistan and related issues.
The briefing lasted for 3 to 4 hours in which members of the PCNS came with their opinions.
The members tendered confidence over the implementation of some recommendations of the parliament and showed reservations over un-implementation of some other recommendations and directed foreign minister for taking some necessary measures.
Briefing the journalists after the session of the PCNS, Raza Rabbani said that members showed mix notions over the briefing of the foreign minister and stated that foreign minister was directed by the PCNS for the implementation of recommendations of the parliament over reviewing relations with the NATO, United States and the Afghanistan.
He said that PCNS had given a package of necessary measures to the foreign minister and added that the foreign minister had briefed the committee over recent visit of prime minister to Afghanistan.
He said that next session of the PCNS would be held on August 6 to analyse the proposed legislative measures by the committee over the missing person’s issue.
“Foreign minister has told the committee that talks are continued to form the treaties with the United States and NATO in the written forms”, Raza Rabbani stated.