Burma embassy rejects visa of Ansar Burney


The Myanmar Embassy at London rejected visa applications of two-member team of fact finding mission, wanted to visit Burma to dig out the truth of Muslims massacre.
The Myanmar Embassy informed Ansar Burney Trust International office at London that the Human Rights activists and journalists are not allowed to visit Burma on any fact finding mission.
The Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former federal minister for Human Rights, Ansar Burney, Advocate and Secretary of Pakistan Press Club UK on Thursday applied for visa to visit Burma and they were assured by the Embassy for the grant of Visa, but on Tuesday, they were refused with a pretext that human rights organisations and journalists were not allowed.
The fact finding mission wanted to visit Burma to dig out the truth of massacre of Muslims, ethnic cleansing, rape and other severe atrocities with Muslim community.
Ansar Burney said the act of Myanmar government proves the allegations on Burma government of killing of innocent Muslims and massacre of Muslims with rape of Muslim girls and other atrocities of human rights violations.


  1. Are we done with the fact finding missions of shia genocide, ahmadi persecution that occurs within pakistan that we are so worried about Burma killings.

  2. Government of burma is responsible for attacks on inocent muslims and this is well pland for clashes jald hi azab ayega burma par japan jaisa

  3. Pakistan should shut Burmese down in Islamabad until the country is rid of the criminals and thugs currently ruling it and only open it after an elected Government is in place.

    Where is the Red Cross & Red Crescent, shouldn't they be looking into the atrocities against Muslims?

  4. When muslims are killed u people raises hue and cry, what u people do in your own country, kill hindus, raped hindu girls…………

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