This Ramadan, forget that there is a thing called fruit


Fruit is being sold at prices 50 per cent higher than fixed rates in city markets in Ramazan. According to a survey in markets, prices of fruit especially used in ‘fruit chat’ have increased by 50 per cent. Rates of fruits per kg being sold are as follows: grapes for Rs 300-350; dates for Rs 200-400; peaches for Rs 80-100, plums for Rs 200, apples for Rs 350 – 400, mangoes Rs 80- 140 while a dozen bananas are for Rs 120- 250. These rates are being charged in the presence of price monitoring teams. Shah Nawaz Awan, a visitor to Saddar Bazaar, said he could not buy fruit because of the high prices. He alleged that shopkeepers at the fruit market in connivance with officials concerned had inflated prices of fruit in Ramazan. Another customer, Shahid Beg, complained about high fruit rates at the Ramazan Bazaar on Wahdat Road. Meanwhile, fruit sellers claimed that they had no role in the price hike. A city district government high officer said that the administration was keeping an eye on prices of fruit and would not allow shopkeepers to overcharge.