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Syria rebels say at ‘gates of victory’

The Syrian National Council sounded a defiant note in a an overnight statement, saying fierce clashes in cities across the country was a sign the opposition was “at the gates of victory.”
SNC spokesman George Sabra said in the statement the heavy fighting that has broken out in Damascus and the country’s second city Aleppo in recent days was an important sign of rebel progress.
“What is happening in Damascus and Aleppo and other Syrian towns in recent days is a crucial step to establish a new phase of history in our country and the region as well,” he said.
“This is a message provided by the revolution to the people that says very clearly that the regime is going to its inevitable end.”
Sabra called on the Syrian population to back the rebels, urging that to do their best “to facilitate the new birth of their nation after the fall of tyranny,”
Addressing the “heroes of the Free Syrian Army,” he said “towns and villages are waiting” for them to provide “security, freedom and dignity.”
“The National Council supports your steps… and promises you it will not betray the revolution,” he added.
But he acknowledged that difficult days lay ahead for the rebel forces, composed of civilians who have taken up arms and soldiers who have deserted from the Syrian regime’s ranks.
“The criminals envision another round of bloody violence,” he said. “The regime is wobbling, but it will not surrender easily.”
“The last step could be very dangerous. We are at the gates of victory.”

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  1. khalid said:

    As long as Asad is in power the majority is systematically persecuted at the hands of Alavite minority. The day Bashar Asad goes out and the powerful army is subdued the reverse discrimination and ethnic cleansing of Alavite is most likely to take place. This is the tragedy of Muslim Ummah, which still thinks and behaves like tribes and clans.

  2. Friend said:

    Syria, with the current regime, always plays a wonderful role for Philistine; against Israel & its partners' interest. & that is the major point which support him. The majority of the people of Muslim countries never recognize (the untruth & modified) news from so called Independent or Reuters like news agencies.
    America & their allies are wanted to push the whole Syrian Peoples in the fire of long War with the help of their Arab (monarchy) partners. Syrian people must be understand what happen next, when NATO like forces put their foot on ground. Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq still paying a big price of their landing.

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