MQM leaders discuss Karachi law and order with President Zardari


An MQM delegation comprising Babar Ghauri, Farooq Sattar, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Raza Haroon and others called on President Asif Zardari at Bilawal House on Monday and discussed different issues including Karachi law and order, extortion and kidnappings in the city.
MQM leaders raised the issue of continuous killings of their workers in Karachi.
The president assured immediate action for solving problems. He ordered the Sindh administration for improving the law and order situation in Karachi.
Talking to media, Raza Haroon said the meeting was part of MQM plan to contact political parties for creating consensus over national issues.
He said the meeting was very fruitful as the President listened to their concerns and assured solid measures to restore peace in the country especially in Karachi.
Haroon added that the president had assured them to contain land, drug and extortion mafias operating in the city.
Responding to a question regarding local elections, Raza said that MQM had conveyed its recommendations to Zardari adding that these elections should be held as soon as possible.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA,The President assured immediate action,he ordered the sindh govt. to improve the situation.This meeting was more like a visit to receive their monthly allowance to keep supporting this useless government.Immediate action like the stop load shedding,the cheaper food prices during ramazan,sure whatever Zardari.

  2. How can we be so blind to keep on electing these inhumane humans.

    And people of Multan have done it again by electing a Gilani. Shame.

  3. This is all propaganda gimmick. The whole world knows who is responsible for gun culture, extortion, vote rigging and target killing. Shameless Zardari has shown no interest whatsoever to improve the plight of Sindhis without whose vote he would probably in exile.
    Shameless are these MQM leaders who are issuing statements urging Mr Zardari to take action against extortionist, target killers. How would Zardari take action again those who are sitting in his lap. Just hypocrisy.

  4. What is this? Extortionists and target killers asking President to take action against extortionists and target killiers. Shameless Zardari just pretending as if MQM is the most peaceful party in Karachi.

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