MQM, ANP to meet tomorrow


Leaders of MQM and ANP will hold a meeting in Islamabad on July 25.
Leaders of Mutahhida Qaumi Movement (MQM) contacted the key persons of Awami National Party (ANP) after which they decided to hold a meeting in Islamabad on July 25, according to media sources.
The meeting will likely to discuss political and peace situation of the country including Karachi along with issues of mutual interest.


  1. After killing n mess of Karachi, they realized to sit n talk…people shud reject both these parties…..the govt n these political parties hv blood on their hands…all these political n religious parties shud sit together n discuss – what answer they shud put forward to Allah swt for the mess….

  2. The Neocon trio ANP MQM PPP imposed upon our nation to bring destruction through various means. Is there no one who can get rid of this trio!

  3. Very Good.. Democratic Sign For Betterment In The Larger Interest Of A Country

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