Lashkar-e-Balochistan claims responsibility of Karachi blast


Banned outfit Lashkar-e-Balochistan has claimed responsibility of bomb blast outside the Chinese Consulate in old Clifton area of Karachi.
Talking to private media outlet through satellite telephone from unidentified location, spokesperson of Lashkar-e-Balochistan said that the attack was a warning message for China to immediately evacuate Balochistan and stop fleecing resources of Balochistan with the support of Pakistan.
He said that China and other international powers were signing agreements with Pakistan to plunder the resources of Balochistan, which were against the will of Baloch people and they would not accept any such agreement and would continue resistance in future.
Cautioning the foreign elements busy in exploring Resources in Balochistan, spokesperson of Lashkar-e-Balochistan said that they would attack on installations setup by the international powers including China in Balochistan.


  1. Every developing country goes through this. China itself has a strong mining program running within various provinces of China. Not all provinces can provide the same or all of the resources needed Boby all provinces. Just like most of the serials probably come to Balochistan from other provinces too. It doesn’t mean the other provinces are being robbed either. But they use it as trading currency with other provinces to their own profits in a civilised and legal manner. People of Balochistan should also work in the same manner with positive trading of their resources. There is absolutely no benefit in singling out yourself. Unity and a bigger stronger country will benefit Baloch people too. But if they keep asking for independence and all that under the Indian and American help and influence then they are really just shooting themselves in the foot. Remember Balochistan would be weaker than ever on its own if you can’t manage to even live with another province.
    On the other hand I do agree that Pakistan army should not be involved and this matter should be resolved through representative in the parliament. However doing the bomb blasts and having separatist movements sponsored and armed by the enemy is an open invitation to the army to quite rightly protect against separatists and this would happen anywhere else too including Hindustan who is keen to see a weak Balochistan and Pakistan.
    Remember divide and rule does not help those divided.

  2. Thank you Wang Yu. The friendship of China and Pakistan will hopefully one day deepen to include the masses of both countries. These miscreants will be dealt with with military operations and negotiations. You can see for yourself the height of their stupidity trying to threaten a global power like China with their motorcycles, flip flops, turbans and AK47s. It is the restraint of our armed forces that they still exist…the actions these trouble makers have carried out despite the fact that they've got no legitimate standing or cause is sufficient to warrant sustained and deep military operations against them.

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