‘Build us a bridge at Kachari Chowk’


The lawyers as well as citizen demand pedestrian bridge at Kachari Chowk to cross the road at the busiest and heavy traffic point of the city. Thousand of people including women and old citizens visit Kachari (lower court) daily for their official tasks or to attend the hearing of their cases from all over the district. But the rush of traffic at Jhelum Road (GT Road) in front of Kachari’s main gate and police lines road in front of income tax office, is so much soaring that the people have to wait even for ten minutes or more to cross the road. Unavailability of the pedestrian bridge is a great risk to the lives of the people as any big accident can take place at any time because vehicle either leaving Rawalpindi or entering the city cross the point with high speed. The people said there was a need of pedestrian bridge crossing both the busiest roads to save the precious lives of the people.