Ramadan Bazaars remain unappealing, utility stores closed!


Despite tall claims, the city district government has failed to make Ramadan bazaars functional in the city. Reportedly, July 18 deadline was given to the administration to make all the Ramazan bazaars functional, but sale of flour was ensured only by the administration on that day and failed to ensure the sale of all commodities in several bazaars, including Nawaz Sharif Park, Haideri Chowk and Committee Chowk.
Although the administration had decided to set up total 14 Ramadan bazaars in Rawalpindi district to provide relief to the consumers during Ramadan, no solid measures were taken to make the bazaars functional.
The Rawal Town TMA had displayed banners of sasta bazaars in Liaquat Bagh Model Bazaar, but it failed to attract consumers due to unavailability of all kitchen items like sugar, grains, basin, meat, chicken, onion, potatoes, ghee and other products of daily use.