Eat what you can, when you can


“Please wait, it’s not time yet,” the man kept yelling but to no avail as the jiyalas, attending an iftar dinner in honour of Governor Punjab Sardar Latif Khosa and Senator Jehangir Badar, here at Lahore took to the food already set on tables for them like this going to be their last meal. Repeated requests to behave nicely fell to deaf ears as the attendees of the event, making quite a scene of the situation, didn’t even care for Azaan to break their fast and swept away the various dishes set for them. So much for being civil in public events.


  1. Does it surprise anyone? Its not everyday that jiayalas get a meal. Sometimes they go hungry for days and some have even resorted to selling their daughter and renting out their wives for a few rupees. Under these circumstances you can't blame them. Their women get raped everday by their masters and they have become used to it. If they are getting a free meal, they would even sell out their mothers. This is what jiayalas have become. It won't be long before we'll have to go to the zoo to see jiayalas in the cage. A free meal means more to them than anything else. To expect them to have manners would be asking too much.

  2. jiayala, the whole of Pakistan is jiayala ( what ever it means) . Just step outside Lahore Airport…animal's .

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