Traffic jams a routine on Murree Road


Due to the slackness of traffic police, hours-long traffic jams have become a routine from Rawalpindi General Hospital to Mureer Hassan Chowk on Murree Road which is irritating motorists and commuters. The situation also leads to traffic jams in bazaars linking Murree road including Kohati Bazaar Road, Dhoke Khaba Road, Naz Cinema road, circular road, Liaquat Road, Tippu Road.
The worst-hit points on Murree Road are Old Naz Cenima Chowk, Kohati Bazaar, Liaquat Bagh Chowk and Moti Mahal Cinema Chowk where traffic remains blocked for long durations.
The traffic police and the district administration have failed to redress traffic problems while the project of side-lane by constructing tunnels on left and right sides under Mureer Hassan Railway Bridge could not be started so far. The officials concerned are showing negligence in this connection for unexplained reasons, which is troublesome for the citizens.
It should be mentioned here that traffic mess on Murree Road and other busy roads of the city could add a lot to the miseries of the citizens during Ramadan.