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Roots holds ‘O’& ‘A’ levels counseling seminar

Roots College, G-8 Campus, organised an ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels guidance and counseling seminar to aggrandize the educational experiences of students and improve their career development. Idea sponsor Walid Mushtaq’s initiatve is to create and support proactive programmes that help students to stimulate their intellectual growth, maximise their personal potential and make their college years a productive and meaningful experience.
The event was graced with the presence of Dr Thomas Ditt, German Cultural Attaché and Ms Uzma Yousuf, Country Manager Relationship and Communication, University of Cambridge. During an interactive session with the students, Dr Thomas Ditt shared his own educational experiences and focused on the significance of choosing a correct career path. Ms Uzma Yousuf acquainted the students with the University of Cambridge programmes highlighting the merits of studying abroad and the facilities University of Cambridge is providing to the students.

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