Big three ensemble


Fine Arts Pakistan (FAP) recently organised a group exhibition of three eminent sculptors, Akbar Khan, Latif Ghauri and MK Saleem at a local art gallery.
Khan started his career as a theatre actor and then directed for television and stage. At the same time, he sculptured different mediums including stone, marble, wood and mix. His 81 sculptures including large, medium and small ones were on display at reasonable prices on this occasion. Some of them were calligraphy on steel. His best sculpture, ‘Mother & Child’ was a stone crafted in sophisticated cuts and designs. Khan’s small and medium sculptures were based on different themes including dancing girls and leisureliness.
Talking to the guests, he said that the sculptures on display were his struggle of a year. “Sculpturing depends on my mood. Whenever I feel like doing it, I just start doing it,” he added. Khan expressed his joy over the keen response of people.
Saleem had put up names of Almighty Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and different holy verses in his sculptures. The best part about his sculptures was that they seemed to be broken pieces of wall. He said that he had completed the sculptures in six to seven months. “The government is not taking any positive measures to promote art,” he said, adding that high-ups should provide opportunities to the artists.
Ghauri, an emerging sculptor, set his major theme as revolution. His inspirations were human nature, system, culture and spiritualism. His work was distributed in four forms including wire, stone, wood and chalks work. Ghauri presented the small sculptures of blackboard chalks.
Ghori also exhibited the sculpture of wood, which expressed a village woman covered with scarf from one side. The most amazing work of Ghauri was a wire sculpture depicting a woman, who became prisoner on the pretext of veil instead she had talent to do something. Ghauri designed it with black and golden wire, black wire depicts her veil and golden wire showed her talent.
Curator of the gallery Rafia Maniar said the artworks were made by using materials and processes traditionally defined as craft which occupied a unique place in contemporary art disorders.
Commenting on the work of artists, Director FAP Gallery Asma Ahmed said that they did an amazing job, as people in large numbers were present to watch the marvelous work. “It’s an honour for us to exhibit the real talent,” she added. The exhibition will continue till July 21.