KESC keeps rain emergency teams on standby


The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) under an already chalked out `Rain Emergency Plan 2012’ has alerted all its maintenance and safety teams to remain geared up for the expected rains forecast for the city. A statement on Thursday said that the KESC has also established close liaison with City and Town administrations for close monitoring of current monsoon rain related incidents and deployment of support teams and material at the shortest possible notice.
It said that the central and regional nerve centres have been established for effective communication, coordination and control, while the respective segment heads would be receiving hourly reports with respect to the faults situation arising due to the rains and their respective rectification measures.
The statement said that the KESC has noted with satisfaction that over the past three years, the ratio of rain related outages and emergencies have declined considerably.
However, outages and dangers due to standing water pools and wet electricity equipment and infrastructure shall remain to pose a threat to the human life, for which the public is advised to keep themselves away from such imminent and evident danger sites.
Importantly the KESC has advised the citizens not to touch water-soaked or fallen electricity wires, wet poles, and to stay away from standing rainwater pools. During rain they need to avoid touching electric poles which may be harmful. Citizens also needed to refrain from touching wires, doorbells, etc and electrical appliances with wet hands. Each monsoon season, there are Kunda related fatalities which are very unfortunate, since they can be easily avoided.
The KESC strongly condemns the illegal usage of Kundas, power theft, since such unscrupulous elements, not also cause losses to the utility but create a serious danger and risk for their own selves and those in their environs, the statement said.
The KESC has asked the general public to immediately inform the utility’s call centre 118 if and when they confront a rain-related emergency like standing water around electric installations and poles or broken and fallen wires.
The KESC has expressed its full commitment to redress public complaints and customers’ grievances in rain emergency situation.