Haqqani files application for exemption from court appearance


Former ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani on Tuesday submitted an application in the court seeking exemption from appearing before the court in the memo case. Haqqani filed the application through his counsel Asma Jahangir, who based the request on her client’s letter. The application said after the memo commission’s report, different sections of the media and certain political leaders had declared him a traitor which was why his life was in danger from the opposition and extremist circles. Requesting the court to exempt him from court appearance in the case, Haqqani said he was undergoing medical treatment abroad and that was why he could not return to Pakistan. During the July 12 hearing, the Supreme Court had given the counsel three days’ time to file Haqqani’s request for exemption. A nine-judge bench, headed by Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, has been hearing the case on the controversy after the memo commission held that Haqqani was the architect of the memo sent to former US military chief Admiral Mike Mullen, seeking US intervention to avert a possible overthrow of the government by the military.


  1. This man should nnever be trusted. I have seen him on tv spewing venom against Pakistan. He had no assetts in Pakistan and yet was made the ambassador. He had nothing to lose by turning against Pakistan. After all, he had nothing in Pakistan and he was being paid 2 million dollars a year by US govt. Could it be any more obvious than this?

    • @Daddy what do we expect from Zardari who looked for the biggest criminals, murders & scum he could find to form the govt. Their end is near.

      Finally a prayer: Death to jiyalas.

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