Sylvester Stallone ‘collapsed with grief’ over son’s death


Sylvester Stallone was said to have almost collapsed with grief on learning of the death of his son on Friday. The body of Sage Stallone, 36, was found by his housekeeper at his Los Angeles home. Prescription drugs were reportedly found nearby but police said it was too early to say whether they were the cause of his death. A source close to Stallone said: “When he heard the news, Sly was shocked, short of breath and almost collapsed. He just went quiet before sobbing uncontrollably. He is a wreck at the moment” Sage’s aunt Melanie Hart told The Mail on Sunday: “People are speculating that it was suicide but we really have no idea.” There were unconfirmed reports that Sage, whose mother is Stallone’s first wife Sasha Czack, had been dead for four days before his body was found.