SC moved against Fakhruddin’s appointment as CEC


Supreme Court has been moved against the appointment of Mr Fakhruddin G Ibrahim as Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).
Petitioner Shahid Orakzai challenged the appointment of CEC in the SC on Monday.
Earlier, the government of Pakistan issued a notification to appoint Fakhruddin G Ibrahim as chief election commissioner.
The notification says Ibrahim will work as Chief Election Commissioner for five years.
It should be mentioned that President Asif Ali Zardari gave formal approval for the appointment of Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim as the Chief Election Commissioner following the advice of the Prime Minister after the parliamentary committee unanimously appointed Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim as the new Chief Election Commissioner to ensure free‚ fair and transparent elections.


  1. Chaudhry Court itself must have managed this petition so that they have something handy in case they need it for any ulterior motives. Also, Dual PCO Iftikhar must be feeling inferiority complex because he has taken oath under PCO twice and Honourable Justice (R) Fakhruddin Ibrahim flatly refused to take even one.

  2. .
    What is a SC's role in Government appointments? I mean, in a mature legal system or balanced civil society …

    • The SC is getting involved because Imran Khan did not get his choice of CEC. This is where the SC becomes more of a political that judicial institution.

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